Flavio Muff


Digital, human progress

Hi 👋🏽 my name is Flavio Muff. I am currently working at Liip in Berne. We craft digital experiences for our clients. Get in touch with me over Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare or drop me some lines by email.

I strongly believe in the power of creativity and tech. Combined they can result into something magical. My job requires no equipment but I'm sure a good Italian espresso won't do any harm either. Logically structured thought and creativity are no opponents in my regard. I rather see them as the two necessary parts of a coin to yield the fullest potential out of every idea.

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Digital transformation triggers fast changes in fields of communication, economy and society. This fast pace demands the creation of suited solutions for my costumers' needs, a task that I take on with passion for detail and creative enthusiasm.

Art challenges technology, and technology inspires art.
— John Lasseter

Being up to date as well as autodidactism are quintessential requirements for this fast-paced business. In addition to my job I am teaching different modules at the SAE Institute in Zurich in order to share my knowledge and experience with aspiring young professionals.

I was originally trained in IT at Schindler Informatik AG. Afterwards I have worked as a software & web engineer in different companies for several years. Meanwhile I gained skills in project management and consulting which has become my major work area during that time. For more than seven years I worked for Publicis Zurich, the biggest communication agency in Switzerland, focusing on crafting digital concepts and promote/inspire people in my role as Creative Technologist. While gaining work experience I received my Bachelor of Arts in Webdevelopment from the Middlesex University in London. As a sideproject I started my own agency with two friends called Talfrisch. I sold my shares in May 2018. Since December 2018 I am employed at Liip Berne, a self organised company, where we force digital, human progress in Switzerland.

CV available upon request.

You have to start with the customer experience and work your way back to technology.
— Steve Jobs

During my 20 years of experience in the digital world I have worked with international and local clients from different industries as for example:

Do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions or requests. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Best, Flavio